Our metal profiles and roof gutters, and other metalworks are made of highest quality sheet metal. The production is carried out on latest generation machines. Parallel to the development of the industrial aspects of our company, great attention is being paid to the staff training and continuous development.



Prodanović metalworks - ONLINE!

In cooperation with our friends from CADDAR studio we entered the realization of the web site project, along with various other marketing actions (billboards, promotional catalogs etc), which will be used to present our production line to the customers, bring our roofing and metalwork closer to the potential clients in the trade and, hopefully, help them chose us and our products at the end of the day.

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Logo redesign

We have decided to modernize our logo a little bit, in cooperation with our friends from CADDAR studio. Also, with the completion of the Book of Graphic Standards, we now have finalized visual outlook and therefore the way our Company communicates with other subjects is complete and presented in a organized way.

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New production hall

We have opened an new production facility in about 300 square meters of indoor space for additional production of galvanized and PVC roofing metalwork and gutters, aluminum accessories etc.

The facility has 5 new machines which have significantly increased the capacity of our industrial production.

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Roof metal tiles with DRIPSTOP cover

We remind you of our Roof metal tiles with DRIPSTOP covers, a superb covering metal tiles for roofing - especially in industrial indoor spaces.

Galvanized nad PVC roofing metal tiles with DRIPSTOP cover TRF 15/35/60 TRF roof metal tiles (cover area 1135 / 1000 / 820 mm) are ideal solution for covering the specially demanding areas.

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