Our metal profiles and roof gutters, and other metalworks are made of highest quality sheet metal. The production is carried out on latest generation machines. Parallel to the development of the industrial aspects of our company, great attention is being paid to the staff training and continuous development.



Pocinkovani i PVC oluci za građevinske radove kako horizontalni, tako i vertikalni, u različitim bojama oblicima i veličinama izrađuju se u sledećim verzijama:

SEMI-CIRCLE PO 25/40 gutter (open radius 250 / 280 / 333 / 400 mm)

SQUARE OP 25/60 square gutter (open radius 250 / 600mm)

The gutters and all metalwork associated with it comes in various colors, are made out of the best imported and domestic metal, completely withing the EU regulation standards of production.